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Mission & Values

Opening Doors, Transforming Lives

Our Mission

The Missoula Developmental Service Corporation is committed to support all people with disabilities to reach their maximum potential through community-based and habilitative services based on their needs, desires, and abilities.

Corporate Goals

Health – To achieve maximum physical and mental well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Living Opportunities – To achieve maximum independence in daily living within the community.

Work – To achieve maximum independence in employment or retirement within integrated settings.

Recreation and Leisure – To achieve maximum participation in integrated recreation and leisure activities within the community.

Interpersonal – To achieve maximum communication skills and build lasting interpersonal relationships.

Strategic Plan

  • Enhance client care & experience
  • Leverage & expand team expertise
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Fiscal stewards of financial resources
  • Elevate community awareness & client
  • opportunities
  • Invest in training & development
  • Build a culture of accountability & respect

Code of Ethics

Missoula Developmental Service Corporation’s Code of Ethics represents certain standards of conduct for employees in their professional relations with those they serve, with parents, guardians, and/or advocates of those they serve, with colleagues and other professionals, and with members of the community. As an employee of MDSC and a professional in supporting people with intellectual disabilities and MDSC’s Mission and Corporate Goals, I pledge myself to:


Service Delivery

  • Enable people to live valued, productive, and community-based lives.
  • Use positive practices that focus on abilities.
  • Provide services characterized by integrity, compassion, respect for individual differences, and a commitment to my accountability.
  • Respect and honor individuals through the development and implementation of Personal Support Planning.

Professional Practices

  • Abide by MDSC’s Mission and Employee Value Statements.
  • Uphold the highest standard of professional and personal conduct.
  • Demonstrate personal accountability.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information in the highest regard.
  • Practice responsible stewardship of individuals and corporate resources and funds.

Community Relations

  • Interact with community members respectfully to promote and enhance public understanding in the field of intellectual disabilities.
  • Contribute to MDSC’s efforts and activities that support the community

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