Missoula Developmental Service Corporation celebrated our 29 years of service on October 29th, 2019. The Staff Appreciation Celebration took place at the Rumour Restaurant and we had a wonderful afternoon honoring our employees, socializing, and eating tacos and cake. The celebration not only highlighted the amazing individuals of our organization, we also got to appreciate each employee and the hard work and dedication we put together as a team to making a remarkable difference in the day-to-day lives of our clients. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful and dedicated employees, and our clients appreciate the excellent care you provide every day. Thank you for all you do!

Our honorees for this year are:


Fran Hardee and Mary Meuchel (25 years)

Both Fran and Mary have been with MDSC since 1994. Fran Hardee, Director of Operations, and Mary Meuchel, bookkeeper, are members of the business office. They are essential to all employees and clients since they handle all monetary aspects of this organization. Thank you for your 25 years of hard work and dedication, Fran and Mary!

JoLynn Blakeley (15 years)

JoLynn is a Program Manager at Tulip Lane Group Home and was also a former Program Manager at Curtis Mod Group Home. JoLynn is always there to step up and help others or pick up extra duties whenever the team needs a hand. Thank you for being a superwoman, JoLynn!


Kaden Elliott & Arie Milgram (10 years)

Kaden is a Community Employment Manager and a former Assistant Manager of Tulip Lane Group Home. Kaden is always working with the clients to help them develop as their own individuals and integrate into the world around them. Kaden also helps and trains other employees. Thank you for all you do, and for having such a positive and profound effect on both our clients and employees.

Arie is a graveyard Direct Support Professional at Curtis Group Home. Arie is always on time and ready for work. Even when he is the only employee on shift, you can rely on him to take good care of the clients and the house throughout the night. Thank you for being a dependable and hardworking
employee, Arie!

staff members of MDSC Montana

Lysa Turner, Kathleen(Kathy) Hicks, Katelyn (Katie) Betts, Cash Field, Leah Bessette, and Steve Hallgren (5 years)

These six (5) year employees support our clients in a magnitude of methods. Lysa, Kathy, and Cash, Direct Support Professionals work in our group homes assisting with the daily needs of our clients to enrich their personal lives as they achieve greater independence. Katie is an Assistant Manager in our day service program. She fosters programmatic activities to help our clients develop interpersonal and work skills along with a variety of activities to meet their individual needs. Leah, LPN and Steve, RN ensure the medical and health needs are closely monitored not just at the Kent Street Group Home but in all of our homes. Our Direct Support staff and Nursing Staff are foundational employees in fostering the mission of MDSC.

With you, we are amazing! Go Team MDSC!