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Remembering Gerald Buck

When the memories of this man we called Buck flood back we can't help but smile at all he brought to the Standish house. When Buck moved here, he was busy scouting out his new home, and neighborhood (both of which he hadn't experienced). He loved to stare out the windows and watch life happen outside, up and down his street. Loved watching families walk, and play.

Buck was a dad, grandpa, and brother to other clients. Many of the MDC clients he moved with, he had lived with for more than 10 years. His housemates were very patient with his verbal outbursts and banging around the furniture. He actually made them smile a good majority of the time with his telling of tales and moving around.

Buck loved hanging out in the kitchen, and helping as much as he could. He had his elbows firmly planted on the counter and would take great pleasure in clearing all of your hard work if you weren't paying attention.

Buck didn't really sit much. He was always moving around, working on some of his important paperwork. He enjoyed using his fanny pack and keeping his shoes and slippers full of his worldly goods.

Buck rarely went to a park or on an outing where he didn't make a new friend. Families, pets, and children didn't mind when Buck would share his very contagious smile, and point to sit down. He was an impromptu guest, but a welcome one.

In the end, Buck was as much of a fighter as he had been all his life. He didn't ever let on that he was so sick, and he kept on smiling through it all. He was surrounded by his staff, and housemates. He asked for his momma, and we all gave him permission to go and find her. That was his last request of us. He was dressed for his last van ride by the staff that spent countless hours with him. Given his van sign, and one lest elbow drop, the Standish family bid him farewell.

Standish is quieter, but if you ask any of us, we will share with anyone our fond memories and stories of Gerald Buck. His pictures will hang on our walls, and his spirit with our hearts.