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Ester Lilly Allard
Remembered by Francine Sadowski


Esther Lilly Allard passed away Wednesday, November 3rd from natural causes at St. Patrick’s Hospital. Esther was born in Belfry, Montana on March 24, 1951.  She came to live at MDSC in Missoula in December of 1990 as one of the community’s first residents.  She made her home and lived quietly at MDSC’s Easy Street residence for a decade, until August 2001, and then moved to grace Foss Court with her presence for the last nine years of her life.

Esther loved tea, colorful and interesting hats and clothes.  She also enjoyed rides around the area and time with the folks that were near to her.  In particular she found a great deal of delight in going to High-tea at one of the local shops where they got to wear special hats, sip tea and enjoy watercress sandwiches.  

Esther touched the lives of many around her. Each of us has our memories, as her friends and acquaintances.  And those stretch back over many, many years.  Her gentle presence, her hats, brightness, curiosity and engaging spirit, her “Ni, ni” as she headed off to bed will be long remembered.  

Our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude go out to St. Patrick’s Hospital, and those that were near and dear to her in her closing moments.