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Missoula Developmental Service Corporation
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So many levels of understanding and personal exchange are intrinsic to what underpins the philosophy of client support at MDSC.  We offer the very best job training and continuing education necessary to do their best at their job.

Learning is a vital part of growth for any individual. What knowledge our staff has translates into better assistance to our clients and their needs.   MDSC offers a wide variety of required training as well as elective training that is designed to provide a critical foundation of knowledge about the field of intellectual disabilities, about relationships and communication and how people learn.

Notably, certain modules of our staff curricula are subscribed to by involved family members and by civilian emergency service providers. This aspect of our internal educational offerings will eventually become an educational product in the form of Webinars that anyone can access.

Only by maintaining a standard of excellence in staff preparedness can MDSC hope to positively impact and help in client transformation and contentment.  Our employee value statement is a key to our philosophy about training:  We believe in regarding all people with dignity, respect and thoughtfulness, while striving to help him/her achieve his/her maximum potential within in a nurturing learning environment.  As you page through this section and come to understand the importance of our innovative educational offerings, please consider supporting this vital aspect of our nonprofit organization and donate to help sustain it.