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Missoula Developmental Service Corporation
1005 Marshall Street
Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 728-5484

Missoula Developmental Service CorporationWe are glad you are interested in what we do and we hope that you will find a way to engage with us at Missoula Developmental Service Corporation (MDSC).  The people we serve are adults with severe intellectual disabilities who have challenges communicating.  They need guidance and our staff of well-trained Direct Support Professionals are there for them so that they can expand their skills and have a voice in their own self-determination.  This is a right of all Americans and at MDSC it is our mission to help our clients find their voice in whatever way we can.

We have been fortunate that our governing Board of Directors supports the innovative ways that we maintain the highest quality-of-life for our clients.  The area of human intellectual development and behavior psychology is still in its formative stages.  Yet everyday through conscientious attention to their special but often obscure ways of communicating, we believe we are blazing pathways to translate and decode these mysteries of human nature.  Our paramount goal is being able to meet the needs and desires and to bring opportunities for contentment to each of their lives.